Challenges Facing South African Economic Growth

Challenges Facing South African Economic Growth

South Africa is a country characterised by as many opportunities for greatness as challenges which get in the way of bringing them to fruition, with many of these obstacles being a source of frustration in the lives of South Africa’s most desperate people. Potential for financial greatness is beat-down by limited job opportunities, innovation is stifled by poor education and subjugation; all the while racial, gender-based and tribal differences are a source of ever-growing tension and conflict, there is the underlying feeling that things are going to get better, and that they already are. Though if we are to complete our transformation into a bountiful nation, we will need to look a few monsters in the eye; together, as South Africans.

Labour Issues and Immigration

By the end of the first quarter of 2018, and estimated 28% of South African adults will be facing unemployment; and while this particular challenge has been present in the South African job market for many years, it rises steadily as time goes. To make matters more complicated, a steady rise in the number of immigrants into South Africa is leaving locals feeling like the job market is getting more difficult to break into. In reality, however, only around 2% of the people working in South Africa are immigrants; making the issue of unemployment a far deeper one than is evident at a glance.

Housing and Land

There is a crucial shortage of housing in our country, a problem which is often out of sight of those living in residential areas. This problem has been going on and worsening for many years, and is understandably the source of much tension. A lack of access to basic needs and facilities such as shelter leaves individuals inadequately prepared for life’s many challenges, and the disheartening situation may also rob them of dignity and their basic needs to find success in this world. OF course this situation is sometimes worsened in our country with threats and investigations into land claims; which seek to solve one set of problems by creating brand new ones.

Racism, Sexism and Tribalism

At the core of many of South African problems is the persistent presence of thought-processes and behaviours which are designed to keep up segregated. Racism, although a continually dealt with topic is as rife as its always been, between all varying people in our country. A problem which runs even deeper, and is generally not spoken about openly, is that of tribalism which is the source of much of the segregation in our country. Then of course, there is the age old gender-war which is being raged all over the planet. Now, considering our potential when we all work apart from each other, imagine what we could do when we pool our knowledge, understanding and experiences to work together towards a better country.

The Availability of Education

Behind each and every one of these challenges lies a more common one, the trouble with the under delivery of education and schemes for building skills for a more enriched future. Before we can hope to tackle any of the above problems, we will need a nation of educated people who know how to make the right decisions for fostering a sustainable future. Enter the Tiso Skills Fund, an organisation dedicated to brightening South Africa’s future by empowering its people through education. If you would like to know more about us, contact a representative today, or visit our website to learn more about how we are working to better the country and its people.

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