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Other than considering how to meet the B-BBEE scorecard requirements, executives probably deliberate seriously about the skills set of future employees and the development of a structured approach for vocational competence through further learning. Artisanship and learnerships can be effectively used as employee courtship and work preparation processes.


A challenge or an opportunity?
There are many strategic considerations for companies, such as the positioning and potential benefits of investing in skills development as well as budget availability and qualifying criteria. Could existing projects move from SED to Skills Development and do they qualify? What is the relationship of these projects with business and internal structures? What would the scale of impact be in relation to the level of spend?

Even though your company’s BEE level could be affected by your Skills Development Pillar compliance, a great opportunity exists to refocus your skills development efforts to include the black unemployed or non-employees.

The solution
By partnering with the Tiso Skills Fund (Pty) Ltd and directing your skills development spend budget through us, your following needs will be met:

  • Finding targeted (and suitable) sub-group race beneficiaries in proportion to the Economically Active Population (EAP) and sector specific fields (where required)
  • Finding certified and eligible training interventions (bursaries and learnerships/ apprenticeships)
  • Building and managing relationships with reputable institutions that are committed to academic excellence and that can deliver quality and accredited training
  • Matching beneficiaries with training interventions
  • Presenting a portfolio of evidence for all bursaries, learnerships and external training conducted during your measurement period
  • Reduction in management cost and access to strong financial and administration systems including processes to effectively capture and manage the flow of funds to ensure proper reporting
  • Access to a tracking tool and alternative employers for permanent employment or long-term contracts to prove absorption of learners to qualify for bonus points

Together we can help develop and equip South Africa’s future skills pool, as well as contribute to its economic and social transformation.