Inundated Job Markets for 2017

Inundated Job Markets for 2017

So, you’re leaving school or university and you know exactly which job would be perfect for you. You may have made the decision based on your peers, you may have discovered that your chosen path is a cushy one, a well-paid one, or one with a great deal of societal pride behind it. Whatever the reasons for your choice, it would be a good idea to take a closer look before committing to developing your chosen skillset, to ensure that your hard work will pay off when it comes time to looking for a job.

These jobs are some of the most saturated in the market, and it is only because of their perceived popularity that they have become so. So, instead of following the other sheep down these paths, why not acquire a qualification of value?

The IT Industry

It has been a longstanding general opinion that there will always be a job in IT, and of course that it will always pay well. Unfortunately, this has led to hordes of hopefuls flooding the market; resulting in programmers and technicians everywhere who are struggling to find work.

While IT is an essential field for servicing businesses and private computer owners, the sheer number of technicians bumbling about looking for work should have you looking for another career opportunity.

Marketing and Communications

Advertising is an essential part of contemporary commerce, and it is a discipline that has been developing for decades. There is a lot of money to be made by those in the industry with skills and experience that stand out above the rest, but the remainder of the inundated industry is treading water.

While there is always room for success in the marketing industry, there is also a lot of fierce competition. This means that only the best of the best will succeed to their expectations, and only by applying yourself far more than your rivals.


There is something strange about the school-leaver’s desire to take up psychology as a career path, and while it may work for some, it doesn’t work for most.

Firstly, this field is particularly popular, with lecture halls in just about every university teaming with hopefuls, making it more difficult for you to stand out. Secondly, a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology won’t allow you to practice, you’ll need an honours for that; and you likely won’t make it into honours unless you are top of your class.

While becoming a practicing psychologist is a worthy goal, most students who try to get there end up using their BA in other industries instead.

Media Production

The creative nature of media production makes it particularly popular amongst youngsters, but bear in mind that we live in a country that puts very little emphasis on the creation of TV and film media. So, if you were hoping to become the next top director or producer, you are living in the wrong country to exercise your skills.

Learn a Trade, find funding

The bottom line is that plenty of these white-collar jobs are far less attractive than they seem. Both you, and your country would benefit far more from mastering a trade or technical skill. If you would like more information on funding your skills development, take a look at the Tiso Skills Fund website for details.

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