Invest in your Skills: Invest in your Future

Invest in your Skills: Invest in your Future

We live in intense times, and in an intense country; one where the job market is saturated, making it difficult for people to find employment that is beneficial, challenging and provides room for growth.  Doing this is often difficult for the average citizen, but for those who come from disadvantaged or low income backgrounds, finding work that requires no special skill sets is getting more difficult by the day.

That is why it has become essential for people to concentrate on developing personal and professional skills, early on in life, that can assist them by giving them the head start they need when getting into the job market.

If you or someone you know could benefit from growing their professional skills, these popular areas of expertise offered by community leading institutions will give you the professional edge you need; and the best part is, that all of them are supported by skills funds which are designed to give back to the community, by offering bursaries to students from low income backgrounds, who show promise and an interest in developing skills for a brighter future.

The RCM School of Excellence

The digital advertising field is one that offers a variety of specialisations and career paths for those with the interest to master search engine optimisation, web and app design, as well as managing successful social media campaigns. The Right Click Media School of Excellence is an academic institute that provides hands on experience and training in these fields, conducted and overseen by industry veterans, to provide those interested in digital marketing with the tools and skills they need to realise their potential.

The Artisan Training Institute

Established in 1982, ATI provides courses of various lengths to provide students with the skills needed to establish careers in engineering and artisan trades. Their courses vary in length and intensity, and they have campuses in Kwazulu Natal and Roodepoort.

Opportunities for low-income students

Those from low income backgrounds, or socially disadvantaged circles, often find it next to impossible to find the opportunities needed to further themselves and to break the cycle of poverty. In a country such as South Africa, providing such opportunities to the youth through foundations, affords the country an investment into a brighter future.

Fortunately, for those students that have a genuine desire to better themselves through education and training, organisations that wish to give back to the community, such as those listed above, have taken steps towards securing a brighter future for all South Africans, by giving low income hopefuls a chance to excel.

For more information on funding solutions for tertiary education and trade, please feel free to contact a consultant from the Tiso Skills Fund, or visit their website today for details. We are affiliated with a range of respected institutions of higher learning and skills development. With our help, you can secure the future that you deserve.

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