The Nature of Sustainability

The Nature of Sustainability

Through many of the transformations and developments in our country as it has changed over the last 20 years, there has been a lot of attention paid to a recurring theme; sustainability. We talk about building a sustainable economy with equal job opportunities, working on sustainable growth and development, building meaningful and sustainable relationships between individuals, groups, businesses and institutions, while sustainability is even an important part of agriculture. But what exactly is sustainability; why is it something we should work towards achieving; and what is happening in our country right now to ensure that we can achieve it?

Sustainability occurs when a process maintains a certain level or grows through it without depreciating. Though when tagged to matters of ecology, economy and personal growth, the word can mean so much more.

Creating a Sustainable South African Work Force

There is a challenge in South Africa with the availability of jobs, essentially making it impossible for around 22% of the country’s inhabitants to build their livelihood. Troubles such as this may lead to increases in crime as people’s standards of living drop, which makes processes which strengthen the national economy and the availability of work a more sustainable and ever growing endeavour. It is all fine and well creating jobs for the masses, but if those jobs are not sustainable it won’t be long before unemployment begins to creep back into a society as businesses close and people get retrenched.

Sustainable Growth, Infrastructure and Development

As our country and its population grows, so to do our needs for infrastructure. Hospitals, schools, prisons, post-offices, universities, clinics, parks and facilities need to be developed on a continual basis, in such a way as to ensure that the infrastructure will not only benefit South African citizens, but will also stand the test of time.

Sustainable Individual Empowerment

Meeting the abovementioned needs requires a skilled population to develop, innovate and maintain infrastructure, create employment opportunities, and to make the most out of those that are presented to them. In order for this to be achieved, individuals need to be correctly educated. This makes the availability of schools and skills-development institutions essential for achieving sustainable growth; even if the results of their efforts are only felt a generation or so earlier, investing in sustainable education programmes are a sure-fire way to improve on the future of the country.

Contact the Tiso Skills Fund to Learn More

Fortunately, there are a number of prestigious institutions who make it their business to improve the lives of others by presenting them with development and educational opportunities which are designed to empower individuals who will become the lights that brighten our future. Contact the Tiso Skills Fund or visit our website right away to learn more about our offers and opportunities.

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